Finish a cross stitch project.

Requesting a quote to finish a cross stitch project or cross stitch kit?

Request a quote to finish a cross stitch project or cross stitch kit
To request a quote to finish a cross stitch project or cross stitch kit you will need to fill out the CONTACT ME form on the contact page.

Upon receipt of the Contact form, I can prepare, then send a realistic quote for finishing your cross stitch.

It is very important that when filling out the form you provide me with the following details to ensure that I can provide you with an accurate quote to finish a cross stitch project.

1: The size of the cross stitch project or kit that you need finishing in centimetres or inches.
2: The Aida count of the project or type of fabric you are using.
3: The number of threads included in the kit and any other embellishments or accessories, beads, buttons, etc.
4: A clear picture of the kit.
5: As much information as you can give me about the item including any specific dates for returning the item by.

For any cross stitch projects purchased as a kit please try to provide the item name and the brand reference number, if available. For online purchase’s please provide the URL (Name) of the website that you purchased it from.

Pricing will be based on the individual project.

My quotes will not include return postage. I will add this on at the end once I know how heavy and bulky the finished item is.

Unused threads, yarns, embellishments and materials will be returned unless otherwise agreed.

Please remember: I only provide the cross-stitching services.

I do not frame projects or provide other types of finishing techniques.Beautiful crafting scissors.

Have you already started the project?

It will be very helpful and speed up the finishing process if you can let me know about any mistakes with your cross stitch or if you were having any problems so please feel free to tell me.  You now need to post all the materials to me – this will include the original pattern, the cross stitch fabric (counted Aida) and the embroidery skeins (cotton)

Postage Information.

Your cross stitch projects are posted back unframed, along with any unused materials and threads.

Clients (you) will pay the return postage costs.

I only Post to the UK’. Overseas postage, including Ireland, will need to be agreed by prior arrangement.

Payment Information

All payments by  Paypal only.

I will only accept Cheques (Checks) and Postal orders by prior agreement.

Cross stitch projects and kits will only commence once all cash funds have cleared if you have chosen to pay by Cheque, (Check).

Cross stitch Teddy bear key holder.