Cross stitch finishing. Contact page.

Cross stitch finishing.

How to make an enquiry:

Fill in the message form below providing as much detail about your project as possible. For example, is it your own design that might require adjustments or re-mapping onto the Aida or cloth.

Include any specific dates for the return of the item. I will always try my best to accommodate you whenever possible.
If you purchased the cross stitch as a kit it would help to know the item name, brand and it’s reference number. If it was an online purchase please provide the URL (Name) of the site it was purchased from.
Please include:

The exact measurements of the item in centimetres or inches.
The Aida count or type of fabric you are using.
The number of threads included in the kit and any other accessories, beads, buttons, etc.
A clear picture of the item. 
send your email to

    Important, Please Read:

    Before making an enquiry about cross stitch finishing, it is important that you read all the information below.
    I am sure you are aware Cross stitch is a slow intricate process. It requires a great deal of skill, care, concentration, time and patience. Cross stitch finishing is also not something that can be rushed, neither can it be done by machine. Especially if there are alterations to make.

    I started this cross stitch finishing business as a sideline to my job as a supply teacher but now, due to demand, and the size of some of the projects requiring finishing, plus the timeframes that are being requested for the work to be finished, the cross stitch has become more of a full-time job.
    In order for me to be able to continue to provide this cross stitching service, It is unfortunate that I will now need to charge more realistic prices for each piece. Prices will fall in line with the average weekly wage and will be charged accordingly.  As like most if most all I have a family to feed, bills to pay and I need to earn a realistic wage.

    I  always endeavour to keep my prices as low as possible as I appreciate that money is tight for most of us but before contacting me you need to understand that smaller projects could cost you hundreds of pounds/Dollars, whereas larger projects could run into the thousands.
    I cannot thank you all enough for using this service and
    to my regular clients who contact me on a regular basis, I can only hope that you understand when I provide you with a quote that is at a more realistic price for my time, effort and work involved to provide you with a beautifully finished piece of cross stitch.



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