Children’s Cross Stitch

Cross Stitch kits for Children
Children’ tapestry kits.

The kit – spider, bee and snail

Here is a lovely simple starter children’s cross stitch / tapestry kit for ages 6 and over. Bought for my children, hardly touched then left at the back of their toy cupboard for about 15yrs!

Someone tried a few stitches here and there, choosing their favourite colours but they never completed any of the little cross stitch mini-beasts.

The Tapestry kit contained all the essential materials required to complete each colourful design inside.

That is Aida/canvas, needles, coloured wool, mounting frames and a card of the picture you are completing. The instructions are clear, easy to follow with each colourful insect printed onto the stiff Aida/canvas.

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Completing the Children’s Cross Stitch

To complete each mini beast just select the right coloured wools, thread the needle then sew half stitches to fill the design.

Other stitches required, include French knots, back stitch and long stitch for the features of each animal but they are very simple to do.

Children's Cross Stitch Mini-Beast Kits

I completed the gorgeous spider first as my children had already attempted to do some of this!

The set came complete with mounting frames so the spider went in! Not fixed in ,however, because I will try to make better use of the finished project. Children’s nursey wall art or something similar perhaps.

Snail came next. Unfortunately, as with all kits my children attempted, the green wool ran out. Hoping I could use the mount to disguise this fact, I left it unfinished. But it was not to be – the mount did not hide it. I am still looking for a colour match to complete him.

Bee was the finished last:

Bee cross stitch for children
cross stitch mini-beast

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