Cross Stitch Finishing Service.

Why am I providing a cross stitch finishing service?

Welcome to my Cross Stitch Finishing Service – also known as Cross Stitching Heaven.

I’ve done many cross stitch projects over the years, given to me by family and friends. However, I now have a house full of these wonderful pieces of art.

Asked why I decided to provide this service, the answer was simple. I love cross stitching and I want to be able to continue my love of cross stitch.  Unfortunately, as with all hobbies or obsessions, I no longer have room for any more cross stitch projects. So, I’m turning my hobby into a business whilst providing a cross-stitch completion service to others who may not have the time or patience to complete their own works of art. In addition to this, hopefully, I can inspire others to start taking up the needle again and enjoy their own finished cross stitch kits.

Contact me for a quote:

No project is too big or too small. I’ve worked on cross stitch projects for as long as 2 years (on and off) – my daughters Tinker Bell Fairies. Feel free to use the contact button below for a no-obligation quote. You need to tell me as much information as possible to ensure I can give you an accurate price. The name of the kit, the size of the kit, the count of the fabric/ aida and the number of threads is the bare minimum amount of information we need.

The Gardening Teddy featured on this page was a birthday gift. Since I had nowhere for my keys to hang, I decided to framed it and added small hooks. It now hangs in my hallway where all keys come to rest at the end of the day! As well as this, I have cross stitched jars of flowers, letters, baby samplers, wedding gifts and animals to list but a few.