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Customer projects completed

Cross Stitch Pako Dolls House.

Cross stitch Pako dolls house. This cross stitch Pako dolls house is my most challenging project to date. This was, by far, my most intricate project to date (excluding Tinkerbell which was my own personal gift to my daughter and can be seen here as an earlier project). This cross stitch Pako┬ádolls house came as …

My cross stitch projects

Tinkerbell cross stitch project

Tinkerbell cross stitch project. This Tinkerbell cross stitch project is the first big cross stitch project I have ever taken on. Measuring 59cm x 33cm, containing 75 colours) with every single piece of Aida being stitched. I will be using a 14ct Aida and my prefered choice of threads are DMC Stranded cotton. I started …