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Tinkerbell cross stitch project

Tinkerbell cross stitch project.

This Tinkerbell cross stitch project is the first big cross stitch project I have ever taken on.

Measuring 59cm x 33cm, containing 75 colours) with every single piece of Aida being stitched.
I will be using a 14ct Aida and my prefered choice of threads are DMC Stranded cotton.
I started this about 3 years ago as my daughter was a fan of the Disney Tinkerbell fairies animation films. So as a surprise, I decided to start the project.
Now I can finally see the end in sight and thankfully my daughter still enjoys the Tinkerbell movies.
I now only need to add some hand stitched detail into the picture just to highlight the wings.
The image was sourced on the web then used free conversion software to convert it to a detailed cross-stitch design. This also included the colour number for each thread, although with hindsight I feel they are slightly darker than the original colours which are a bit of a disappointment.
Below is the finished design without the detailing which I will upload when I have found the time to finish the project.

Tinkerbell cross stitch project

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